Physical Education at IVMS


Physical Education Program Page

Physical education at IVMS is not an afterthought but an important part of educating the whole child. Children need movement in order to learn and grow into healthy adults. In a Montessori indoor environment, children are able to move around the learning environment, but they still need time outdoors to run and play. In addition, physical activities develop stamina and endurance; qualities adults need to succeed.  A healthy body does help make a healthy mind and spirit.

The Physical Education Program’s mission is to provide a comprehensive, progressive, and active physical education program that is aligned with the Florida State Standards. Our students will attain knowledge and skills to live a healthy lifestyle in the 21st Century. We believe daily physical activity & health literacy are essential to the whole child.  Our physical education program applies the Montessori philosophy in each daily lesson. We put strong emphasis on FUN rather than competition by teaching empathetic ways to compete with others and to better oneself.

We educate students about how to exhibit grace & courtesy on & off the field by emphasizing good sportsmanship rather than winning at all costs. Teamwork is taught at a very young age and emphasized throughout the program on a regular basis.  The rate & style at which motor skills are mastered differ among students.  Therefore, we take pride in saying we follow the child every step of the way as students develop healthy and active lifestyles.